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This page contains a calendar of upcoming events, activities and key dates for our club.  Date, time and location for each event or activity is provided.  If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact the secretary.
For your information - The "Kiwanis International Magazine" is available on-line.  The June 2020 edition of "Kiwanis International Magazine" is available here as a .PDF version.  (4.4 MB !).

Club Dates for the 2019/2020 Kiwanis Year :
10 August, 2020 - Regular meeting at the Te Awamutu Club starting at 18:00.
  Program :  Thomas Nabbs from 'the Waterboy' will talk to us about his charity's efforts to get kids involved in sports.
Doorman - M. Moir,  Greeter - Kaye,  Raffle - M. McIvor,  Stewards - Aub and Dave.
24 August, 2020 - Regular meeting at the Te Awamutu Club starting at 18:00.
  Program :  a person from Evo Cycles (a bicycle shop in town) will talk to us about his business.
Doorman - Kevin,  Greeter - Grant,  Raffle - Ben,  Stewards - Richard and Ed.
25 August, 2020 - Possible interclub visit to Oceanside.
  To be decided.
28-29 August, 2020 - District Convention.
  Which was to have been held in Christchurch has been cancelled due to government travel restrictions. 
  7 September, 2020 - Directors meeting at the home of Ben Williams.
  Business meeting for officers and directors - all members are welcome.  Start at 19:00.
13 September, 2020 - 45th anniversary of the Kiwanis Club of Matamata. Party!
  Sunday.  To be held at the Matamata Club, Waharoa Road East, Matamata.  Fellowship from 11:00 AM.
14 September, 2020 - Regular meeting at the Te Awamutu Club starting at 18:00.
 Program:  to be announced.
26-27 September, 2020 - Start of Daylight savings time.
27 September, 2020 - change of officers function.
  Sunday.  details to be announced.  Will be a luncheon.  Replaces the regular meeting of 28 September.
28 September, 2020 - *NO* tea meeting.
  Canceled in lieu of the change of officers function on 27 September.
  1 October, 2020 - - -  Start of the 2020/2021 Kiwanis year  - - -
27 November, 2020 - Friday - Bar-tending at the Cornerstone Trust fund raising event.
  The proceeds of the fundraising event go to the Trust which encourages and promotes sport in the area.  From 11:30 to 17:00 at the Te Awamutu Sports Club.  Dress is white shirt and black bow tie.  Pending confirmation.

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