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This page contains a list of officers and directors for the current year. If you wish to contact any of these individuals for Kiwanis related business, please feel free to telephone them at the home numbers given below. Written and email correspondence for the club should be directed via:
The Secretary  at:
    c/o Ed Murphy
    P. O. Box 19-119
  Hamilton 3244, New Zealand


Telephone:  +64(21)049-3474 (mobile)
Note that New Zealand is 19 - 21 hours earlier than Los Angeles.
The current local time in NZ is: Current time   on   Current date


2016/2017 Officers :

President :  Donald McCorquindale Donald McCorquindale
Tel. home:  +64(7)872-2772
Tel. mobile:  +64(27)4697550
Donald and his wife Lyn are dairy farmers south of Te Awamutu.

Secretary :  Ed Murphy Ed Murphy
Tel. home:  +64(7)848-1963
Tel. mobile:  +64(21)049-3474
Ed is a retired computer systems analyst with a mathematical bent.

Treasurer :  David Fentress David Fentress
Tel. home:  +64(7)823-6942
Dave is a Systems Analyst by profession. He and his wife Judy run Eagle Computer Support, a small consultancy bureau providing computer services and accounting assistance to businesses and individuals in Te Awamutu and the greater Waikato area.

President-elect :  - vacant

Immediate Past President :  Kevin Choat Kevin Choat
Tel. home:  +64(7)871-4355
Tel. business:  +64(7)847-0582
Kevin and his wife Margaret are owner/managers of Kitchen Studio, a business in nearby Hamilton which designs and builds kitchens.

Director & Membership Chairman :  Duncan Gray Duncan Gray
Tel. home:  +64(7)871-8766
Tel. business:  +64(7)872-0104
Duncan is a former banker currently working as an independent chartered accountant in Te Awamutu.

Director & Social Chairman Grant Gardiner Grant Gardiner
Tel. home:  +64(7)871-4720
Grant is a mental health professional.  His wife Caryn is an early intervention teacher for the Ministry of Education.

Director & Meetings Chairman :  Ben Williams Ben Williams
Tel.:  +64(7)870-6196
Ben works at Mitre10 - a big hardware store in Te Awamutu.

Director, Community Service Chairman & Newsletter Editor :  Michael McIvor Mike McIvor
Tel. home:  +64(7)871-3248
Tel. business:  +64(7)838-9921
Mike is a lawyer specializing in criminal law with a practice in nearby Hamilton.

Director & Youth Chairman :  Mark Ellery Mark Ellery
  Tel. home:  +64(7)870-6690
Mark works for an agricultural contractor near Te Awamutu.

Auditor for the 2014/2015 financial accounts:  Gregg Tickelpenny (non-member)  

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